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Marble Cleaning and Marble Polishing

Marble looks beautiful on all kinds of tabletops, floors and fireplaces, but if you want to preserve this appearance it is essential that you schedule regular polishing. If you forgo regular maintenance, the surface of your marble will only deteriorate over time. It’s critical that the right cleaning products are used and regular applications of stone soap will preserve the glossy finish that marble is famous for.

If your marble is looking particularly worn and dull, the best solution for this is diamond polishing. How much diamond polishing your floor will need will depend on the footfall your floor gets. The diamond abrasives will seal the pores of the stone which will give it a polished clean look.

If you want an even glossier look, we can use wire wool, however this is dependent on the type of marble you have. 

If you want to provide the greatest protection, we would suggest a stone sealant, which will help guard against scratching. There are a number of heavy resin sealers and colour enhancers to really help keep your marble in optimal condition. Whatever type of polishing or marble restoration you need in London or Berkshire, get in touch for a friendly chat. 




Marble Restoration

When properly cared for and maintained, there is nothing that can beat marble flooring. However, if you have neglected your marble flooring, you will notice how less pleasing the appearance is. As such if you are thinking about having marble flooring fitted, you’ll need to examine how often you will need to maintain and clean it. Different marbles are structured in their own ways and this will reflect in how durable and hard-wearing they are. 

However worn your marble is – many people don’t realise that you can restore your marble back to its original condition – however many years it has been in use. It is imperative that your flooring is treated right, as improper methods or tools will completely ruin the appearance of your marble. 

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If you haven’t paid enough attention to your marble floor, we are here to help get it back into its former beautiful condition. There are a number of things that we can do to restore the original appearance, one of these is the grinding of the surface with commercial diamonds. These diamonds come in a variety of sizes appropriate for different kinds of treatment. 

If your floor is uneven, we’ll be able to get it flatter through the use of diamonds. If your floor is already flat, then just a few applications will be required with a finer diamond. If you are looking for something more economical, we can use polishing powders to restore the surface of your marble floor. However, polishing will not give your floor the perfectly flat appearance and finish that a diamond will give. 




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To give your flooring total protection dirt, dust and spillages we can use a sealant which will help safeguard your marble. If you’re looking for marble restoration in London and Berkshire, get in touch with the Stone & Marble Restoration Company London, and find out how we can help you. 


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